Little Boy Project

A couple of months ago after leaving late from the Garage George had an idea. “Instead of doing the stretch kit on the existing JK 2 door why don’t you sell it and built a new JKU?” From that time onwards this idea couldn’t get out of my head. Having as an excuse the lack of space due to the birth of my little son we started all the necessary actions. Before even buying the JKU all the required parts were already ordered to our partners in the states. The name of the project was George’s idea. Little boy project… Our plan was to built a JKU with high of road capabilities while maintain the everyday use as much as possible. The more powerful 2.8 CRD engine of the 2011+ models with the little help of an ECU reflash and a sprint booster would have no problem running the 38,5” tires in a very decent way. Since we already know how heavy a JKU can end up, we decided to use aluminum in all possible parts available. Thus the Front and rear Genright bumper, the Poison Spyder fender flares, inner flares and rockslidders were ordered aluminum. Same goes for the custom suspension arms. For the perfect suspension geometry the Teraflex long arm mounts were used of course with front and rear track bars again from Teraflex. The Teraflex front dual sway bar is an one way option if you want an on and offroad vehicle in combination with a rear Currie Enterprises sway bar. Since the JKU will end around 2700kg we choose to install bigger dimension coilovers than usual. So instead of the classic 2.0” King coilovers we installed the 2,5” in combination with the bolt on Recon kit from our friends at Rebel Offroad. In order to handle the big size and weight of the Maxxis 38,5×14,5×16 with the Trailready Beadlock wheels a PSC Motorsports Extreme Duty Cylinder Assist Kit was necessary.
Since we are familiar with al the abuse that this JK is going to receive we had to be sure that the axles could handle all that. For this reason the front axle was replaced with a Teraflex Dana 44 housing with the stock Rubicon elocker and RCV Dana 44 CV Axle Set. In the rear a Teraflex Dana 60 axle with an Eaton Dana 60 elocker and 4 planetary gears was installed.
Everything can get stuck. That’s a rule. So since this JKU is going to spend a lot of hours on the mountains the winch must have high capacity and be as reliable as possible. The ZEON 12 Platinum seemed to be the perfect one for our needs.
Almost every new vehicle is now equipped with LED lights. Since for the JK there are many options we couldn’t leave it without them. The stock headlights were replaced with the Trucklite Leds and the tail lights we replaced with aftermarket Leds also. There are many times that while offroading the plan doesn’t go as scheduled and the night starts to fall. With all these rigid LED’s there is no problem. The 50” E2 Led bar has got more light than anyone could ask. The windshield lights cover the only spot that the E2 can’t reach and the bumper Dually D2 give some extra help to the headlights. All these lights were connected directly to an SPOD avoiding to many cables.
The JK now has all the necessary armour so as to be protected against any threat on the trails…what about our head? In order to make sure that what ever happens we will stay untouched a rockhard cage was installed.
Just to improve the look of the JKU and give a more aggressive look the stock hood was replaced with the anniversary one.
We would like to say a special thanks to Superior Air for providing us their premises.
This photoshoot would never have these great results if we didnt have our friend Apostolis Koukousas behind the camera. Thanks a lot our friend! 

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