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General Information


Haris and his brother George Kyriakopoulos started early in 2000 of running their own Garage and Spare parts company as already have been taught from their family's same field business.
The difference in their vision was soon discovered when they altered the normal garage services from usual cars to 4X4 and Off-road vehicles. Little by little based on their previous good knowledge of maintaining and repair services they went so much further in actually assembling by hand from a normal Jeep Wrangler TJ to the gem of the uniquely handmade Jeep Wrangler L J type by Rubikong
Their expertise was soon known and through all those years they became the leaders in all kind of transformations for Jeep and 4X4. The needs of their customers led to importing most of spare parts with their own means by having exclusive collaborations with all major US partners.
Haris and George were born in the 1980’s and their only and absolute concern is to keep on road even when there is no road.



Our Team


George Kyriakopoulos

CO-Founder of RUBIKONG

Xaris Kyriakopoulos

CO-Founder of RUBIKONG