LJ LWB: 4” Pro LCG Long Arm Suspension System – No Shocks .

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For ultimate rock crawling, trail riding, and high-speed stability, look no further than the TeraFlex Pro LCG Long Arm Suspension System. These kits are for the aggressive off-road enthusiast who wants the best suspension performance.

TeraFlex LCG (Low Center-of-Gravity) Long Arm Suspension Systems are engineered for hardcore Jeepers who don’t want to give up on-road comfort and control in their TJ Wrangler/Unlimited. These complete systems include all necessary components including LCG Long Arm Brackets.

Up front, the Pro LCG expands the performance of the stock 5-link suspension configuration with our adjustable LCG Long Control Arms & Brackets. Our Front Upper LCG Long Control Arms are more than 9” longer than stock! Around back, the stock 5-link rear suspension and track bar are replaced by our adjustable Pro LCG Triangulated 4-Link Long Control Arm Suspension w/ Rear Axle Truss & Brackets. The rear upper brackets feature adjustable anti-squat tunability to fine tune the suspension.

Our adjustable LCG Long Control Arms balance front caster angle and pinion angles as well as optimize rear pinion angles, anti-squat geometry, and tire position on vehicles with 3-5” lifts. On higher lifts, LCG Long Arm Brackets and 4-Link Rear Axle Truss reposition the frame-end control arm mounting points to relax suspension link angles. This reduces bushing stress during extreme droop as well as shock load transferred through the LCG Long Control Arms.

The [High Steer] HD Adjustable Front Track Bar, Drop Pitman Arm (4”+), and Rear Upper Pro LCG Triangulated 4-Link Control Arms improve steering response, center the axles to optimize vehicle roll center, and reduce body roll to for unsurpassed handling.

This results in improved suspension geometry and relaxed control arm angles for a superior ride quality and performance regardless of terrain. These systems restore front and rear roll axis angles to minimize brake dive and acceleration squat. TeraFlex suspension systems provide reduced noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).

TeraFlex Pro LCG Long Arm Suspension Systems are the best of both worlds!


• LJ Wrangler Unlimited (long wheelbase)
• Lift Height: 4”
• Max Tire Diameter: 35”


• 4” Lift Coil Springs (Front: # 1843402 & Rear: # 1844402)
• Pro LCG Long Control Arm & Bracket Kit – Front Upper (3-5” Lift) (# 1443470)
• LCG Long Control Arm & Bracket Kit – Lower (3-5” Lift) (# 1447780)
• Pro LCG 4-Link Long Control Arm & Bracket Kit – Rear Upper (3-5” Lift) (# 1444880)
• HD Adjustable Front Track Bar (3.5-6” Lift) (# 1743070)
• High Steer Front Track Bar Frame Bracket Kit (# 1743031)
• Drop Pitman Arm (3.5-6” Lift) (# 4922133)
• 2.25” Bump Stop Extension Kit – Front Upper (LCG Lift) (# 1910204)
• 1.75” Bump Stop Extension Kit – Rear Lower (LCG Lift) (# 1949011)
• 10” Front Sway Bar Quick Disconnect Kit (3-6” Lift) (# 1743090)
• 10.5” Rear Sway Bar Link Kit (2.5-5” Lift) (# 1944011)
• BellyUp Skid Plate Kit (# 4648403)
• HD Steering Box Skid Plate Kit (# 4627400)
• 2003-2006 TJ: 1” Transfer Case Lowering Spacer Kit (# 1900103)
• 1997-2002 TJ: Shift Linkage Plate Kit (# 1900001)
• 2003-2006 TJ: Shift Linkage Plate Kit (# 1900003)
• 26” Stainless-Steel Braided Brake Line Kit – Front & Rear (# 4350400)
• Exhaust Pipe Extension
• Shock Extension Kit – Rear Lower (# 1544790)
• All necessary hardware
• And more

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